ALSAA Chess team challenge

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On April 14th, 8 teams met at ALSSA to take part in a team challenge between Manchester, Ulster and Leinster.

ALSAAn.dubvUlsterALSAAs.dubvmanALSAA round 1

Leinster were represented by five teams of u14 players selected for their excellent performances in the Leinster Leagues from a wide range of clubs, Blanchardstown, Drogheda, St. Benildus, Gonzage, Rathmines, Elm Mount, Shankhill, Dun Laoighre, Enniscorthy.

Players who won the Stokes Cup in 2013 made up one  team ,

Ross Beatty, Michael Higgins, Fiachra Scallan, David Halpenny, Tom O’Gorman, unfortunately Padraig Hughes was unable to make it on the day

.Stokes v Rathmines     Leinster Ladies v Ulster

The strength of the girls junior chess across Leinster made it possible to form a team of Leinster Ladies: Ciara Scallan, Eibhia Ni Muireagain, Alice O’Gorman, Dayna Ferguson and Dierdre Turner were joined by 8year old Admira Keschmeti from Belfast.

Ross Beattytakes on Alex Goss while Michael Higgins takes on Piotr Baczkowski

Ross Beatty takes on Alex Goss while Michael Higgins takes on Piotr Baczkowski

Mihilo on bd 1 and Padraig on bd 3 v Manchester

Mihailo on bd 1 and Padraig on bd 3 v Manchester


AlssaLukeScottUlster v Leinster

North Dublin was represented by Danny Dwyer, Luke Scott, Alex Goss, Luke Keenan, Piotr Baczkowski and Jonathon Tsang 

South Dublin by Alex Byrne, Padraig Sheehy, Tom Grennell, Mihailo Manojlovic, Joshua Redmond, Robbie Kildea.  

There were a large number of Rathmines  Juniors in the Leagues this year and they formed the Rathmines team : Liam Coman, Matthew Gallagher, Henry Li, Stephen Higgins, Sean Hunter and Eoghan Turner.Stokes v Rathmines

We were delighted to be joined by a team from Manchester led by Jullian Clissold. Kevin Ye, Jonny Shine,George Harman, Tom Green and Matthew Cavaliere travelled to the Irish Junior Championships the previous weekend and joined us on Monday in ALSAA.

Marks sets a challenge for the players

Mark Newman brought two teams from Ulster, 
Team 1 ,Eoin McCorkindale , Andrew Todd, John Dawson , Jake Patterson, and Joel Dawson 

Team 2,Hannah Patterson, Samuel Todd, Pete Todd, Phoebe Patterson and Calvin Patterson

Mark set all the teams a challenging puzzle test and certificates were awarded to top scorers.

Luke and Alex scored high on the puzzle challengeDaniel sets out to solve the puzzles

Luke Keenan and Alex Byrne , left, and Daniel, right,  excel at the challenge.

Rounds were scored as 1pt for a match win and .5 for a match draw, which made for a very tight scoreboard, with the Stokes Cup Team claiming top position. In 2nd place were South Dublin followed closely by North Dublin.

Board prizes were awarded to top scorers, Joshua Redmond scored 5 out of 5 for Leinster ,Kevin Ye was the top scorer for Manchester, Alice O’Gorman top scorer for the Ladies team, and John Dawson for Ulster.

We were joined by Leinster Chess Union  President , Charlie Talbot , who presented all players with their awards.

Leinster Chess Union President, Charlie Talbot, presents the Leinster Ladies with their certificates

Leinster Chess Union President, Charlie Talbot, presents the Leinster Ladies with their certificates

Jullian presenting crestsThe Manchester team presented Leinster and Ulster with trophies especially designed for the occasion, Michael Higgins, Alex Goss and Luke Keenan accepted these on behalf of their teams.

Thanks to everyone who took part in making it a wonderful occasion.
Thanks to Balazs Kecskemeti for the photographs, check out his web site for more photos of the day and other junior chess news


With  nail biting finishing rounds in all sections players fought it out for the titles in the 6th rounds today in Ballinasloe.  Daniel Foley was the outright winner of the u8′s , our own Jerome White, played his first Irish Championships with a great score of 3 wins in 6 games. In the u10′s Rathmines were represented by Cillian Scallan joint 3rd, Dayna Fergusona joint 4th  and Eoin Hunter finishing on 3pts. Adam Murphy from Naomh Barrog won on 5pts.

There was another winner for Leinster in the u12′s with Alex Byrne from St. Benildus convincing winner on 6 out of 6. Rathmines players did very well in this section with Henry Li in 3rd place followed by Haque, Muhtarim-Ul scoring a performance rating of  1534. Matthew Gallagher, AlexMulligan and Sean Hunter all scored 3.5pts, While Ciara Scallan scored 2.5 , she played her first game against a player from England with a rating of 1600 and  won her last match against a player rated 966.

In the u14′s, Leinster excelled, it came down to a tie break  for first place with Mihailo Manojlovic(st Benildus) and Michael Higgins(Rathmines), both had drawn earlier in round 3. The m buch favoured Mihailo but both players share the title. Ross Beatty, also St Benildus came joint 3rd with Padraigh Hughes(Curragh) . Mustakim – Ul Hague scored 3.5.

The u16′s/19′s was a complicated affair as the 2 sections were combined, the top scoring u19 was Ben Cullen (Gonzaga) and the top scoring u16 was Cian McGovern Leahy (DunLaoighre) and  Scott Mulligan was placed 2nd u16


Congratulations to all

The Irish Junior Chess Championships are currently taking place in Ballinasloe. There is a large representation from Rathmines Juniors at the event.

U10: Cillian Scallan, Eoin Hunter and Dayna Ferguson

U12: Matthew Gallagher, Henry Li, Muhtarim-Ul Hague, Alex Mulligan, Sean Hunter and Ciara Scallan

u14: Michael Higgins, Mustakim-Ul Hague,

u16-u19: Scott Mulligan


News of the u8′s to follow shortly








Good Luck to you all, we will be watching the results with great excitement, Have a great weekend.




fiachra&KasparovFiachra Scallan meeting with Garry Kasparov on his recent trip to Dublin


On Friday March 28th Garryy Kasparov will begin a two day visit to Ireland. As part of his engagements he is visiting the Mansion House  for the annual Comórtas Fichille Cúige Laighean where he will meet young players from Gaelscoileanna from all over Leinster .  During this tournament some of Irelands young junior chess stars will be honoured. Among these are the under 12 Bernadette Stokes team who came home triumphant from the annual 4 Nations chess tournament
last summer (Ireland, England, Scotland, & Wales); Rathmines chess club are very proud of  Fiachra Scallan and Michael Higgins, two Rathmines members of that very impressive u12 Irsh Team, who will be honoured on the day along with their team mates, Padraig Hughes, David Halpenny, Tom O’Gorman and Ross Beatty. Garry Kasparov will also meet Diana Mirza, who at the age of 13 is the Irish Women’s chess champion, 8 year old Daniel Dwyer, Bunratty Minors Champion and 8 year old Admira Kecskemeti, under 12 chess champion of Northern Ireland.  Irish and Russian will be the only languages spoken in the Mansion House during this event.
Fiachra Scallan and Daniel Dwyer will speak in Irish and Russian on behalf of the children.

Congratulations to all the young players attending the event, it is wonderful to see your dedication and efforts being celebrated and we hope that you really enjoy the occasion

stokes winners.glorney3stokes cup 015Under 12s with President Higgins

please open the link below to read the full press release of Garry Kasparov’s visit.

Ireland Junior Training Squads

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A big CONGRATULATIONS to the 12  Rathmines Chess Players who have been selected for the National Training Squads.
Scott, Peter, Michael, Fiachra, Liam, Matthew, Henry, Eoghan, Mustakim, Muhtarim, Sean ans Dayna.
Details below are taken from report by Darko Polimac on the ICU web site.
The Junior Selection Committee has announced the following junior training squads. Juniors should be reminded that this is does not indicate any selection for Irish Junior teams. This will happen later in the year and announcements will be made in due course. These squads are based on the January ICU ratings. Players are asked to confirm to the Junior officer their interest in participation.Please contact before 10th of March to confirm the place and arrange payment. Juniors will be asked to contribute €75 towards the cost of the training. All coaching will be provided in Dublin. The coaches are GM Alexander Baburin, IM Sam Collins, FM David Fitzsimons and Darko Polimac.The coaching dates are: Sunday 23rd March, Sunday 27th April, Sunday 11th or 18th May and Sunday 15th or 22nd June.

The selected players are:


  1. Conor O’Donnell
  2. Oissine Murphy
  3. John Cormican
  4. Scott Mulligan
  5. Eoin Minnock
  6. James Danaher
  7. Cian McGovern Leahy
  8. Alex Buckley
  9. Peter Cooke
  10. Cian Guinan


  1. Padraig Hughes
  2. Ross Beatty
  3. Michael Higgins
  4. Mihailo Manojelovic
  5. Fiachre Scallan
  6. David Halpenny
  7. Liam Coman
  8. Tom McGrath
  9. Jeffrey Alfred
  10. Shane Melaugh
  11. Piotr Baczkowski
  12. David Kearney


  1. Tom O’Gorman
  2. Matthew Gallagher
  3. Henry Li
  4. Alex Byrne
  5. Eoghan Turner
  6. Mustakim Ul Haque
  7. Daniel Dwyer
  8. Tom Grennell
  9. Muhtarim Ul Haque
  10. JoshuaRedmond
  11. Sean Hunter
  12. Gavin Melaugh


  1. Diana Mirza
  2. Catherine Hearne
  3. Alice O’Gorman
  4. Eibhia O’Mhuireagan
  5. Anastasija Manojolevic
  6. Dayna Fergueson

GM Alexander Baburin pictured with Henry Li, Cillian Scallan and Dayna Ferguson

Alex Baburins Grand Prix winners

The February Grand Prix event took place in the Stillorgan Park Hotel. Henry Li was placed first scoring 6/6. Cillian Scallan came second and Dayna Ferguson came 3rd. Alex Mulligan scored 4/6.

In the January event Felix Jordan came 2nd in the minors, scoring 5.5/6 and Ilona Mkrtichyan came 9th scoring 4.5/6, from a turnout of 105 players.

Chess Club open again Feb 19th

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Back again after the bad weather. We will be open this Wednesday during the mid-term break